Devine and Shew

Lifelong Professional Musicians Chris Devine and Charlie Shew have teamed up to create original music compositions for all forms of media. Film, Web, Video Games, Corporate, Commercial etc.. Welcome to our site!


We will work with you to get just the right tracks for your project. We have a lifetime of experience in multiple genres of music and specialize in working hand in hand with clients to taylor our music to your needs. Contact us for a free consultation about your project!



Orchestral instrumentation compositions.

Action Music

Dynamic compositions for action scenes.

Latin Inspired

Compositions with a latin flavor.

Old School Jazz

Compositions that employ the sounds of 20th century Jazz.

Video Game Music

Compositions for use in video games.


Ambient music for use in multiple scenarios.

Pop Inspired

Compositions inspired by the pop music of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Compositions that don’t fit neatly into our other categories.

We will collaborate with you..

Our focus is on collaboration with you to give you the music that will fit your production in just the way you envision the final product to sound.

Recent Work

Music by Chris Devine and Charlie Shew

This is a film by Anne M. Mancosu of Switzerland with musical score by Devine and Shew. The music starts at 1:40.


Tim Reppert

Managing Producer

AirCraft Music Libraries

“Charlie has been a composer for AirCraft since 2007. He has written, programmed and produced numerous tracks for us over the years. The tracks are incredibly varied covering many genres.

Charlie can musically and stylistically produce well in all of these genres, and the programming  and production is always of professional quality.

Charlie is a very talented, reliable, and driven individual, who has been a great source for original music. When I need a piece composed, he has always met and exceeded my needs creatively, and within my deadline.”

Wes Talbot


Fresh Music Library

“Chris Devine has a unique approach to composition that never disappoints…he delivered exactly what was required, on time, while showing his ability to think outside the box….a consummate professional composer and instrumentalist.”

Ben Fraser


Brick House Web Series

“I could not be more pleased with Charlie’s work on my soundtrack. He created something quickly and affordable that was better than I hoped.”

“His skill as a musician is only matched by his efficiency. But what really brought the soundtrack to another level is his exquisite taste and subtlety.”

“On a scale of one to ten, he is a 12.”

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