On this page you will find videos that utilize music composed, performed and produced by Devine and Shew. Each video will have a description as to the origin of the video and how it came to be used as a demo video on our site.


Music by Chris Devine and Charlie Shew

This is a film by Anne M. Mancosu of Switzerland with musical score by Devine and Shew. This is a student film with high production values and and superb acting. The music starts at 1:40. In this 11 minute film, there are several music cues from D&S. Anne availed herself of a few of the compositions that D&S created for material on this website and they fit into the film very nicely! 

“Waking The Dragon”

Music by Chris Devine and Charlie Shew

This video was created by Tim Wood on a WW2 era camera. This video came about because Chris Devine had composed a piece he named “Waking The Dragon”. When Charlie Shew got hold of the track to finalize some percussion and the mix for the piece, he decided to do a search on Vimeo using the search term “Waking The Dragon” and found this video.

With very little tweaking, the music track fit the visuals very nicely! Tim wood was gracious enough to allow us to use this clip to demo one of our music tracks. You can learn more about Tim Wood and his work on his facebook page by clicking here. Thanks Tim!

“Baja, Sea of Cortez”

Music by Chris Devine
Chris was contracted to create music for this promotional video. He created just the right vibe for the visuals!

“Vai Project”

Music by Charlie Shew

This video was found by Charlie on Vimeo in the Creative Commons Licensing area. The synthesizer score was improvised in one pass by Charlie to demonstrate improvisation-ally scoring to picture in realtime.

The original youtube version of this video can be found here: